"I Strive to Be Everything I can..."

Blaze Rock is one of the most diverse, talented artists to take flight from Phoenix, Arizona. A talented writer, producer, singer, arranger, Blaze is a gifted communicator spreading knowledge, emotion, spirituality, fun and raw aggression. The working man of music, Blaze Rock himself is a story of progression and inspiration. Blaze’s music embodies a life that people can relate to and understand.

Blaze has been instrumental in the Arizona HipHop scene, having founded one of the most heralded hiphop websites in the state, ArizonaBeats.com. As well, Blaze has been a member of ground-breaking hiphop band Cross Platform, as well as genre-bending collaborative groups, Western Block, Rock and Rascalz, Black Talon and as an integral part of charity-focused collective Gladiator Pen. Blaze continues to extend his creative touch and wide-range of experience into other realms including acting, writing and a long prosperous run as director of venerable underground Hiphop Online Magazine ArtofRhyme.com. Many instrumental artists, producers and entertainers in the Arizona scene view Blaze’s input as important on a variety of topics and interests.

The Goods (Audio and Video)

Blaze Rock is the guy who does it all and then does more...then does it again...